MustaeV Easy Go Blush Brush

For over the past six months I’ve kept it a secret that I use MustaeV Cosmetics makeup brushes.   I’ve tested several products that are never shown on my blog or social media because they have failed to impress me.  This could be due to poor quality, manufacturing error or even user error.  Since there are many factors determining whether or not a product works; I try to stay clear of bashing a product I dislike.  Which leads to my amazement that I haven’t shared with you a brush I’ve been infatuated with.

So here goes, my name is Genevieve and I love MustaeV Cosmetics Makeup Brushes!

Today let me share with you their Easy Go Blush Brush (pictured below) and how for almost six months it continues to surprise me.

Easy Go Blush Brush

When I first received the Easy Go Blush Brush I’ll be honest in that I was not impressed.  It was small, lightweight, and looked basic.  I was fooled.  Upon touching its soft bristles, I was amazed that a mere 5 – 1/8 inches could be everything I ever wanted in a blush brush.

The Easy Go Blush Brush retails for $25.00 and can be purchased on the MustaeV Cosmetics website.

MustaeV Easy Go Blush Brush

The bristles are made of 100% Goat Hair and in a flat bristle design.  Unlike other blush brushes  that are round, the flat design provides the perfect tool for your blush application.  You can quickly swipe blush across your cheek for a sheer glow or use the tapping technique for a concentrated finish.

Overall the Easy Go Blush Brush is well constructed.  It has a sturdy aluminum ferrule and a lightweight handle that  you’ll be just as amazed to learn is 100% birchwood.
MustaeV Easy Go Blush Brush

Do you have any hidden beauty secrets?  For me it’s the MustaeV Easy Go Blush Brush.

I’d love to hear your hidden beauty secret.