Abercrombie: Has Evolved into Something I Want.


If you would have told me a month ago I would be shopping at Abercrombie I probably would have laughed.  There’s nothing wrong with Abercrombie (and excuse me if at this point I offend anyone) – but you see, it’s Abercrombie.  Having been around during the height of the brand’s fall in popularity, I associate Abercrombie with a moose icons, over sexualized teenagers, Paris Hilton circa 2000’s and a store drenched in cologne.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a “lifestyle” that many emulated but wasn’t for me.  It didn’t help with the rise of Fast Fashion, many of us realized the price of the moose icon lost its idealized value when compared to a yellow bag full of clothes.  Alas, Abercrombie was no longer cool, until now!

In an era where everyone is trying to survive against Fast Fashion giants, Abercrombie is listening and listening well.  Abercrombie has recreated itself once more introducing a classic, timeless styles that is both comfortable and cute.  Each piece is well constructed and will survive the wash – probably even get better each time.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the new Abercrombie in the Westfield Century City Mall that opens today!  I honestly fell in love with countless pieces and can’t wait to share what I purchased.  The most magical part of it all was that I forgot I was in an Abercrombie store.

  I regret not purchasing a pink trench coat that would be perfect for fall in L.A. and a few other items.  I’m pretty certain I’ll be placing a future order.