Wet n Wild photofocus Foundation

In the beginning of the year, the beauty community was shook with the release of the new Wet n Wild photofocus Foundation.   The world of drugstore foundations is no longer synonymous with affordable.  Finding a “good” foundation retails on average $12 – $15.00.  So when a foundation claims to perform well under any lighting for a mere $5.99 – it’s safe to say you’ve caught my attention.  But now that the commotion has settled, were we really that in love?

Photo Focus Foundation

“Our new high-performing, Wet n Wild photofocus Foundation is a skin-perfecting foundation that underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time”*.

Unlike other drugstore foundations, the Wet n Wild photofocus foundation is available in 20 shades that provides a, your skin but better finish.  The biggest claim the foundation makes is its ability to give you gorgeous skin in photographs – regardless of the lighting.  It has a light adjusting complex to prevent white cast.  This is to say, regardless if you are in a dark restaurant, bar, club or at brunch your selfies will always look amazing.  Wet n Wild also states achieved such a unicorn formula by conducting tests under 7 light conditions with and without flash.

Photo Focus Foundation

I purchased two shades to try out; Shell Ivory and Peach Natural.  Upon opening the bottles, I was taken aback by the pungent scent that reminded me of house paint.  The scent is bothersome, but with time goes away.  This foundation has a thin, watery consistency.  Many people stated it having a gel-like consistency but I would say it leans more on the “watery” side.  Even though it has a thin consistency, the photofocus foundation does provide medium coverage without feeling heavy.

Photo Focus Foundation

I would recommend using a beauty sponge such as a beauty blender to apply this foundation.  I found when I used a flat kabuki brush, the foundation dried quickly and the application appeared streaky.   Another thing I did not like about this foundation is that it felt very tacky even after using a translucent powder.  Consequently, I used a heavy hand when applying the powder.  Having dry skin, this an overall appearance of dry and aged.  Although this product did not work for me, I can see it working well for people with combination to oily skin if the scent isn’t bothersome.  I will say, for being a drugstore foundation the new Wet n Wild photocfocus Foundation is eye catching.  Does it have some flaws, yes?  But for under $6.00 can I complain? The answer is no.  However, this isn’t to say, I’d neglect my favorite foundations to use this product.  Now that the hype has dissipated, I leave you with one question.  If the photofocus Foundation were $30.00 would you love the formula?